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360 Dance Championship

Heads up people!
360 Dance Championship is almost here.

The TOP 25 will be chosen to compete at Grand Finale on September 2015 at Bali Indonesia.

Here’s how you can enter :
- Record a 2minutes video of you and your team dancing a street dance routine (10 seconds grace period)
- Each team must consist of 5-7 dancers
- Each team is not bound by gender or age differences
- The video must be shot from 1 angle in 1 take
- Video editing is prohibited, although audio editing, such as dubbing, replacements, etc is allowed
- Upload your video on youtube and title it under this format :
360 Dance Championship / (Team Name) / (Country of Origin) / #dance360indo

For example :
360 Dance Championship / Dance Crew/ Indonesia / #dance360indo
- Last but not least, don’t forget to submit the link of your youtube video to www.dance360indo.com
- All submissions will be closed on June 26th, 2015 at 23:59 GMT+7

For more details and information, please follow @dance360indo and visit www.dance360indo.com
Dominique’s shoutout

‘ Hi. 360 Dance Championship will be happening this year in September at Bali island, and one of the judges is none other than.. Me!

Make sure you all join in and participate. I’ll be waiting!

Dominique Kita from Japan will be one of the 360 judges and he will conduct a hip hop workshop also. Stay tune for the information. Follow our instagram “dance360indo” and visit our website www.dance360indo.com for more details.
Contact us on dance360indo@gmail.com for any inquires.